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Impala Angel of My Heart

  Born : 13.01.2001.

Titles:  Romanian Champion , Estonian Champion, 5 x CAC, 2 x BOB, BOS, rCACIB, CACIB, R++



                    Angie's pedigree:

Reyti Nyiri Ciklon Minaret Friderikus Ciklon Akin z Dunajskej Laguny
Budajenoi Vadas Vanda
Jerry Opal de Bodoc Fenysugar Eddy
Bamby de Zocskar
Flammchen v Rhoenthal Yank v Cronsbach Essex v Cronsbach- Jsg, ISPU sg,Bdsg
Peggy v Frauendorf
Assy v Rhoenthal Jirry v Suedhaeger Rixel
Luzi v Hessischen Kegelspiel-Ost kbsg,Ejsg
 Litters: "O" with Hamster Pukkancs, "V" with Amber Fantastika, "H" with ICh Denwest Chevalier.
 Angie was mated by Denwest Vixen to Impala in 2004 and her litter was born in Finland, in Denwest kennel.
More photos with Angie:

in Finland, at "Denwest" kennel, after she became Estonian Champion!


              at 2 month                        with her brother Anthony, at 2 month

                  ...being nice and cute                 ..............and not so nice & cute !!

                                          at 7 month                                     at 1 year