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Impala Mistic Fog

Born 5.12.2005


7 months

Cycorn's Out of Reach    ps Cycorn's Mastertype               b Hotpinsch Standing Black Shadow      b
Chelines Omaha                                 ps
Hotpinsch Kismet Greystone               ps INTUCH NORDUCH NUCH
Motown's Not Bad At All                     ps
SV-99   Hotpinsch Day By Day             ps
Cycorn's Black Coffee    b Int& NorduCh, EuW96,97, KBHV 97, NORDV98                   Fixus Double Connection   b Bryher Black Brasil                             b
Fixus Double Delight                          b

Impala Pepsi                  bs

Silver Rattler Ignac                             bs
Freya of Wolf Point                              bs