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* New dobermann females in kennel: Zelda Perfect (Rikki) and her daughter Schwima's Haru (  father : Castlekeep Bacchus). See more of them on their personal pages.

* 26 Octomber - CACIB show in Bucharest: Denwest Vixen to Impala win RPJ & BOB. Judge: Antonio de Lorenzo, Italy. So Vixen is now Romanian Junior Champion !

* 25 Octomber - CAC show in Bucharest: Denwest Vixen to Impala win RPJ & BOB. Judge: Cristian Stefanescu, Romania.

* 20 September - CAC show in Galati: Impala Angel of My Heart got her final CAC and became Romanian Champion. She was also Best of Breed. Denwest Vixen to Impala was Romanian First Junior and Best Junior.

* 31 August- CAC show in Ploiesti: schnauzers: Impala Pepsi got her final CAC title and became Romanian Champion. A daughter of her, Impala Gertrude, was CAC in intermediate class. Pinschers: Denwest Vixen to Impala had his first show with Very Promising and Best Puppy. Amber Fantastika was Winner in champion class and Best of Breed.

* 9 July- our new import from Norway is here: Schwima's Ghanima to Impala , dobermann female from Multi CH Castlekeep Bacchus and Impala Zelanda-Zeya.  Thank you Aud and Tore for the most pleasent staying in your home ! Friendly greeting to all my new norvegian friends !!

* 5 July- Arjang-Sweden- Impala Zindaro- BIR (BOB) and BIS 3 - proudly presented by his breeder !...- see here more photos from the show.

*8 June : Bucharest CACIB show: Santa Knyris Andries Liepa- CAC, Impala Bertonne- CAC, Amber Fantastika- Winner, CACIB & BOB, Impala Angel of My Heart- CAC & CACIB. Judge: Pascual Asensi Peinado, Spain.

* 4 June : Impala Pepsi born 4 puppies, all females. Father: Santa Knyris Andries Liepa. Soon photos in schnauzers section !

*29 May : Impala X-treme for You born 5 puppies (4 males & 1 female).  Father: Santa Knyris Andries Liepa.Soon photos!

*10 May : Targoviste CAC show: Santa Knyris Andries Liepa- CAC & BOB, Impala X-treme Love for You -CAC, Impala Bertonne- CAC & BOB.

*22 March : Bucharest CAC show: Impala Deep Danger -CAC, R++; Santa Knyris Andries Liepa- CAC, Impala Bertonne- CAC & BOB.

*16 March    : our new stud males are here ! Ch Russia AMBER FANTASTIKA -black/tan miniature pinscher , and SANTA KNIRYS ANDRIES LIEPA- black-silver miniature schnauzer. Go to Pinschers Males to see more of Amber and to Schnauzer males to see more of Duke.

*11 March : our new miniature pinscher male arrived from Finland. DENWEST VIXEN TO IMPALA is a gorgeous red boy with a very good temperament- thank you very much for him, Mirkka ! Click here to see more of him.

* 5 March : Impala Deep Danger (Brok Zamolxis + Alida v H&B Connection) is back in kennel and he is for sale. Photos with him in section Impala "D".

*24 february : Alida v H&B Connection  born 5 puppies: 4 males and one female. Father:ICH, IDC Sg  Baron Nike Renewal. Unfortunately, 2 males died. All the other puppies are sold.

* 14 january : another litter of 6 beautiful miniature pinschers was born from Impala Tookie-Tookie & Impala Anthony. Go to "Pinschers" and see more about Impala "P".

*10 January  : a litter of  5 beautiful miniature pinschers was born from Impala Angel of My Heart & Hamster Pukkancs.  Go to "Pinschers" and see more about Impala "O".



* 23 &24 December 2002 - Our dobermann female Alida v H&B Connection was mated with ICH, IDC sieger Baron Nike Renewal.

*8 December 2002: Bucharest CACIB show: Impala Deep Danger- rCAC, Impala Quasar- CAC, Impala Irish Cofee- RPJ, Impala Cool as Ice- CAC (dobes), Impala Pepsi- CAC, CACIB (min schn), Impala Angel of My Heart- CAC, rCACIB (min pinsch).

Congratulations to all Impala dog's owners ! Keep up the good work !!

* 7 December 2002:Bucharest CAC show: Impala Julia- Very Promising, Impala Irish Cofee - RPJ, Impala Cool as Ice- excellent.

*12 November 2002: miniature pinschers mate: Impala Tookie-Tookie was mated with Impala Anthony.

* 8, 9 November 2002: miniature pinnschers mate : Impala Angel of My Heart was mated with Hamster Pukkancs (import Hungary).

* Arad show 5,6 Octomber 2002 : Impala Quasar- CAC/ 5.10- judge: Carl Reisinger, Austria, and CAC & R.CACIB / 6.10- judge: Papp Laszlo, Romania.

* 1-st Octomber 2002 : Impala X-treme Love for You  born  4 puppies (2 males and 2 females) from Grey Tetis Ibn-Hatab. See here photos with them.

* Impala Ursula achieved her last CAC for her Romanian Champion Diplom. In CACIB show in Targu-Mures/ 8 September 2002 she got CAC and CACIB from judge Kocsis Sandor, Hungary, and in the second day, 9 September, she got CAC from Iliev M, Romania.Congratulation to her owners, Florin and Cristina Patriche for their new champion !


* On 25 and 27 August Josie (Harpy-Hysteria King of Darkness) was mated with Ch Victor de Casa Balestrieri. See here photos with both dogs.


*On 17 August 2002, at CACIB show Oradea, Impala Quasar = R.CAC and R.CACIB, judge: Pap Laszlo, Romania.


*27 July 2002- CAC show Campina- Impala Cool as Ice wins RPJ and BOB ! Judge: Bambach Cristina, Romania.


* 16 June 2002 : CACIB show Bucuresti   - judge : Avi Marshak, Israel.

Impala Deep Danger (Brok Zamolxis + Alida v H&B Connection)- excellent 2 , junior class

Impala Cool as Ice (Impala New Look Ninty Nine + Impala Oriola-Oro)- excellent 1 & RPJ, junior class

and at schnauzers- judge Paul Stanton, Sweden

Impala Golden Heart (Fekete Kratos Sandokan + Impala Pepsi)- promising--puppy class

Impala V.I.P. (Fekete Kratos Sandokan + Impala Pepsi)- excellent-open class

Impala Pepsi (Silver Rattler Ignac+ Freya of Wolf Point)-excellent 1, CAC, CACIB-open class.


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