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Impact's Silver Young Emotion

Born: 28.10.2004

Father: Chelines El-Zulu

Mother: Impact's Olivia Newton John



Bamburs On the Road Again in Dawn

Born: 5.10.2005

Father: Sandcastle's  Ladies Man

Mother: Sandcastle's  Quicksilver



Impala Lucky Chance

Born: 2.12.2005

Father: Impala Vang

Mother: Adamis Foxy Brown



Impala Mistic Fog

Born: 5.12.2005

Father: Cycorn's Out of Reach

                         Mother: Cycorn's Black Coffee


Impala Pepsi

Born: 17.06.1999

Father: Silver Rattler Ignac

Mother: Freya of Wolf Point



Suelen Ice Frolic

Born: 8.07.2004

Father: Suelen Blizzard of Ash

Mother: Suelen Ain't Sno Trouble



Adamis Foxy Brown

Born: 12.09.2000

Father: USCh Adamis Shaft

Mother: USCh Janal's Kiss Me Kate



Cycorn's Black Coffee

Born: 29.09.2004

Father: Int Ch, EuW Fixus Double Connection

Mother: RCh Impala Pepsi